five easy steps to make money by youtube 2017

how make money from youtube.

We are in 21st century and it is now possible to make money online. There are hundreds of method to earn online. But be aware of those fake methods who says “watch ads & earn money”. Those all are wrong ways. One of the best way to make money online is Youtube.

make money on youtube

Now you may wonder how we can make money from youtube. When someone upload video on youtube, there is option of Monetisation. Once you monetise videos, ads will appear before video playing (just like television ads). In 2017 youtube changed their policies. You can monetise your videos if your channel has more than 10k total views. Believe me 10k views are so simple to get. If your content is genuine then 10,000 view is not a big deal, right? So if you are ready to  work hard then just follow below steps to make your  first youtube channel and earn from it.


You need a google account. If you don’t have then make it. Youtube is also a product of google. So one google account can be used to login in every product of google. Now be ready with a new logo for your channel. You can search on google to make your channel logo. You can try


Open and click on sign in. Now it will ask you for channel name. Choose any  name related to your content. If your content is about couching type or educational type then I will suggest to choose your name as your channel name. Because you would not be  making only money from youtube. In fact you can make your big name.Your name can be a brand.


Congratulations! You have created your channel now it’s time to upload your videos.Click on upload button. Select your video to upload. Now give title to your video. You can leave description and tags empty. We can discuss about them later.


Now carry on uploading videos until you get total 10k views. Once you get 10,000 views. Now You can monetise your videos. Now click on creator studio in right upper corner.

make money from youtube



Now verify your channel by adding mobile number. It will send you a OTP. Then click enable monetisation button. In my case it’s enabled but in your case you may have to enable it.



Now it will ask you to accept all the conditions. In next step link your adsense account. how to make money from youtubeIf you don’t have then click on sign up. Congrats! you have successfully enabled monetisation. Next time you upload video, Click on monetise button and this is it.


  • At last I want to give you a tip that although making money from youtube  is not impossible. In fact you can earn more than your expectations. But it needs patience,hardwork, dedication. Its not an overnight success. So be ready for hardwork and start make money from youtube.

If you are thinking to make money from youtube by uploading downloaded content then you have change your mind right now. Because by doing so you can work only for few month  and it will be wastage of time nothing else. Always choose right ways to make money from internet. Google knows everything about your uploaded content. If your content is matched with third party then your channel can be banned. Youtube gives you 3 chances for that. Here these chances are called channel strikes.

If you face any problem just leave comment below.

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