How to make money by affiliate marketing 2017


affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new thing. This method is working from very old days. In past days if any person referred a product of salesman or manufacturer, he got a commission for that. Similarly at this time also affiliate marketing is a fabulous method of earning online.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promotion or referral program in which a person refers any product and get an appropriate commission for every purchase.

How do company track purchases from your referral?

Companies will give you a link, from which they can track every purchase from your link. Some companies give 60 day cookie period which means if a user visits to any product page from your shared link then he will see ads of the same product on his browser and if he purchases that product within 60 days, you will get a commission.

Methods of earning from affiliate marketing

There are no fixed method of affiliate marketing. You can share your referral link anywhere on the internet. But I will discuss some major methods here. By using these methods you can build an audience and can share referral link.


The first and very effective method is by a blog. As you know before buying any product from the internet, firstly people search that product on google. So if you would make a blog and write reviews about products then people will visit your blog and provide referral link at appropriate space on your blog. This method is best of all the methods. There is no limit of earnings from affiliate marketing. Not only affiliate marketing but you can also provide ad links to increase your earnings. It will be very helpful if you place affiliate links of products which match with your blog post topic. For example, if are writing about reviews of headphones then you can place a link of same headphones on your blog, right? You can make a completely new blog for only reviewing the products or you can also post to your existing blog.

2.Social media

The second method is by using social media. You may have seen product ads on Facebook, Instagram. You see those ads because a lot of people are using social media for affiliate marketing. You can make a page on any social media site. I will suggest Facebook and Instagram for that. Make a page and share it with large no of people. You can start a facebook campaign to increase your Facebook followers. Then you can put an affiliate link on your follower page and if only 100 people out of 10,000 people purchase your product then it would be a great start, right?


The other powerful method is by using youtube. You must have seen tech channels on youtube. These channels are very trending at this time. The benefit of making youtube channel is that you can become public figure also. You must have to give unbiased reviews about products, only then people will consider you as a faithful person. Now if you give affiliate link with your video, your audience will definitely purchase products.  You will also get offers from different companies to review their product. So if your presentation is outstanding then you can start youtube channel also.


That’s all about affiliate marketing. Remember one thing always that either you are using a blog or social media, youtube for affiliate marketing. Always give unbiased and honest reviews. Otherwise, people will not believe you and it can be harmful to your career.

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