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Android Studio Tutorial : Build Hello World App

As you know Android Studio is official IDE for developing Android apps. A few years back we had eclipse for android development. But Android studio is far better than eclipse. At first glance, the android studio looks so complected but in actual it’s super easy. In this tutorial, we will see an overview of the Android studio and will see how to create a project in the android studio. Here I’m assuming that you have installed all the required stuff. IF not read official documentation. I’m using 2.3.1 version but everything will be same for all the versions.

Create new project

After launching the project you will see a window like the following image. You just have to click on start new project


Select application name

Choose any application name. It is better to have first character capital. Then select company domain name. It can be anything but it should be unique. Then just click on next.

android studio

Select targeted version

Now you will be asked to choose min SDK. Firstly select phone and tablet and then choose a minimum android version. For example, Android 4.4 which covers 90% of total Android devices.

android studio

Select any starting activity

Now choose any activity. As beginner choose blank activity but you can try other activities also.

android development


Congratulations, you have successfully created your project.

Now let us see the internal overview of android studio.

After creating a project you will see a window like the following image.

android studio

Now in this, there are many different parts which serve their own purpose.

  • At above there is toolbar which contains a lot of tools.  For example cut paste, running the emulator, SDK manager etc.

android studio

below this toolbar, there is a project or file location.

  •   Now In the left side, there are directories. Here will be your all files. For instance your java , kotlin files , xml , raw etc.

android studio

  •     When you open files then they will be listed horizontally in the centre of windows.

android studio

  •    Now there is list of all the components. You can drag and drop different components like buttons, textviews, Checkbox, radiobutton  etc.

android studio


  • Below palette, there is a component tree. You can select components and can access their properties.



  • At center, there is a virtual mobile window. You can drag components in this window.



  • If you click on any component in the component tree you can access their properties at the right side. There are a lot of properties available for every single component.


android studio

After configuring the android virtual device you can run this app and show your first app to your friends.

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