The Best Free Ways To Mirror Android Screen To PC

There are numerous methods to mirror the android screen to pc. Some of them are free and some are paid. Mostly free services have disadvantages. Some will show ads and some will not give you high quality. If you simply search on the internet how to mirror the android screen to desktop, you will find hundreds of methods. In this tutorial, I will tell you the best way of doing it. The best thing is, you can use this service for ios device also. Just follow these steps to mirror the android screen to desktop.

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Steps To Mirror SmartPhone Screen To PC

My favorite way to mirror screen is by using Vyser. This is the easiest way to mirror smartphone to pc. To use this follow these steps.

Steps 1

Install Vyser chrome App.

Step 2

Install Vyser on your phone.

Step 3

Launch Vyser in chrome apps. To find your all chrome apps enter this link in your browser chrome://apps/

mirror android screen to pc

Step 4

Now connect your device to your pc by data cable or connect pc and mobile to same wifi network. But I will recommend using a data cable because otherwise, it will show you ads. Click on view button and your device will be there on your desktop.

mirror screen android




  • Download and install Airdroid from playstore or app store.

airdroid screen

  • After installing click on next and next. Create your new account or sign in with google, facebook.
  • Now you can mirror android screen via mobile data, wifi, usb. I will show you by using mobile data. Now you will have the following image.


  • Now visit Now you will have following web page. Here you have to enter same email and password which you have used for signup in mobile.

airdroid webpage

  • After signing in, click on get started and screenshot button as shown in the image below.

android mirroring


  • Now you have to grant permission from your mobile device.  Click on start now.

android mirror

  • Now your mobile screen will be mirrored on the desktop.

how to mirror android screen


If you find any difficulty in this then you can watch this video and everything is explained very smartly by tech wisely channel on youtube.


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