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Best Operating System For Hacking 2017?

Before discussing the best operating system for hacking, Let me clear that here I’m using the word  ‘hacking’ which does not mean black hat hacking. I will never be supporting illegal stuff. I’m using word hacking because to learn ethical hacking you have to think like a hacker.  So in this whole article, you can consider hacking world as ethical hacking.

So if you have decided to learn hacking then the one of the most important thing for learning is the Operating system. You have to use a fastest, simple and secure, open source operating system. If you are thinking that you can use windows for hacking then you are absolutely wrong. Firstly let us discuss why we should not use windows for hacking.

Why not windows?

  • While learning to hack we have to use a lot of tools. No doubt we can download each and every tool for windows also but think about the time which it will take to install hundreds of tools. Hacking is not about making all the tools yourself. It’s not possible, right? I’m not saying you can not build your own tools. In fact, you should make your own tools also, it will be a plus point. But in hacking, you have to try different tools for different purposes. So this is the first disadvantage of using windows.
  • The second thing is speed. For performing a single attack you may have to use ten tools at a single time or may be more than that. Almost every software in windows is made for graphical user interface(GUI). This is obvious that GUI applications are slower than command line applications. While doing a lot of experiments we have to be very fast, right?
  • The other point is windows is not free. You may be using pirated version but officially it is paid. That means Microsoft has full control over windows. The benefit of using open source operating system is, anybody can modify that OS and can contribute to make it more usable, specific.
  • Most viruses are made for windows.
  • Windows can be traced more easily.

Then the question is if not window then which operating system? Let us discuss that OS.

Which operating system for hacking?

The first important feature of OS for hacking is it should be open source. If you made a guess about which OS I’m talking about than a good job! I’m talking about Linux. This is the open source operating system. Anyone can modify it for specific purpose. The fun fact is, Linux was created by finnish student named Linus Torvalds . He posted it on internet and lot of people contributed to modify that project. So there is no owner of Linux. There are almost 50 Linux versions available and different versions are made for different purposes.You may know that android is also a version of linux. This is the reason why different mobile manufacturing companies have different UI. Because  Linux is open source OS any company can modify it. 

So the best operating system for hacking is Kali Linux. Kali is the first choice of hackers. Reasons are as listed below

  • It contains almost 350 free builtin tools which can be used for hacking.
  • Mostly applications of Linux are command line which is faster than windows.
  • Linux requires less hardware. Even it is compatible with mobile devices.
  • Linux is totally free operating system.
  • Linux is more resistant to malware.
  • As it is open source, any backdoor can be traced quickly because we can read the source code of applications.
  • It can work with different hardware.
  • Easy to use.


Although Kali Linux is the best operating system but as a ethical hacker you should have knowledge of every operating system. For a beginner, I would recommend to use windows to learn hacking but once you understand the basics then you should move to Kali Linux.


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