Ethical Hacking

Become An Ethical Hacker From Scratch? Ultimate Guide

Hacking can be defined as the modification of anything for desired outputs. But when we first hear about hacking, an image of computer comes in our mind. But this not true. It is not only limited to computers. Hacking can be done on any gadget. A very nice example is bike’s speedometer. If someone has decent knowledge about speedometers then he can modify them according to his desired result. Similarly, hacking of computer is done to have control over victim’s PC. This is a 21 century’s new type of crime. Different nations have different rules of cybercrime. So to fight with hackers, we have Ethical hackers. Learning ethical hacking is a great option at this time because of increasing cyber attacks day by day.

Recently a ransomware called WannaCry was a news headline. It has infected  230,000 computers in 150 countries. Every day thousands of new malware are being caught.From this, you can understand why ethical hacking is so important.

Types of hackers

There are main 4 types of hackers.

1.Black hat hackers. They are bad people who use their knowledge for an illegal purpose. For example for stealing someone’s password, for stealing money from banks etc.

2.White hat hackers. They are nice guys. They use their knowledge for good purpose only. We want to become white hat hackers. They are called cyber security experts and white hat hacking is 100% legal.

3.Gray hat hackers. They are in between black and white hackers. Some times they use their knowledge in an illegal way and some time for legal.

4.Suicide hackersThey have knowledge of hacking but they don’t know cyber rules of different nations. They are also called blind hackers.

Now here is an important point that ethical hackers are also hackers. But the only difference is that they use their knowledge for good purpose only. If you want to be an ethical hacker then you have to think like a hacker.

Different terms in ethical hacking

1. Vulnerability

It is also called loop holes. In simple words, vulnerability in ethical hacking means the weakest points in the target system. These weak points are used by hackers to hack the system.


When loopholes are repaired by programmers, this is called patch level.

3.Target pc

It is victim’s pc to whom a hacker want to hack.


A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.


Proxy means pretending to be someone’s else. Basically, attackers changed their ip address and mac address before performing any attack.

The first step is Proxy

The most important step in hacking is using any proxy. Because a hacker will never want to be caught by the cyber crime branch, so they use proxies for that. There are many proxies available on the internet. The best and free is You can use free software for the proxy.

Real more about Proxy.

Second step in hacking(footprinting)

The other step in hacking is footprinting. Now footprinting is collecting information about the target. It can be an ip address, location, mac address, operating system of machine etc. Hackers always try to know almost everything about the target.

Third  step in hacking

After collecting information about the target, the next step is finding vulnerabilities in the system. Different attacks are tried on the system and weak points can be found by attackers. Different attacks like SQL injection, Dos, Ddos can be used on websites.


These are major steps in hacking. I am teaching all these steps of hacking because as I already told you that ethical hackers know everything about hacking. But they use their knowledge for good purpose only. If you don’t know how hackers hack the system then how you can protect the system, right? These tutorials are for educational purpose. So please don’t use it for illegal purposes.


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