How to choose blog names? Tips and tricks for SEO

Sometimes it becomes a headache to choose a blog name. Before starting any blog, the first thought that comes to our mind is, What will be the name of my blog? Names have a great impact on our minds. If you are confused and have no idea what should be blog name then read this article and I will share some tips which had worked for me.

Now, before starting a blog firstly decide the niche of the blog. It can be about cooking, writing, music, technology, internet tips, e-commerce etc. Choose your favourite topic and then choose blog name. It can be helpful in SEO if your blog name contains words which are related to your niche. For example, my niche is internet tips , blogging,coding etc. If we combine them all these topics we can say it technology, right? That’s why I used tech word and second word I used is yunk. One interesting thing here is that even I don’t know the meaning of yunk. Then from where yunk word came? I will discuss it in few minutes.

Useful links

 choose blog names by using tools


You can see the screenshot of this tool

blog name



This is also a great tool. You can select word length also.



This tool is amazing because it will also check the availability of domain name. You can select word length and it will give you a list of keywords.



This is another amazing tool for blog names


By using mobile’s predictive text

You may not believe me but I found yunk word in auto-correct key. I was also confused while thinking about the domain name and I was searching domain name in different sites. Suddenly I found techyunk keyword in the predictive text. You can also try this method. Just turn on the predictive text option in keyboard settings.


You can see the result

cool blog names



So these are all methods that I used to find a name for my blog. you can also ask suggestions to your friends. They may give you cool blog names. After deciding name and before purchasing a domain name you can seek feedback from your friends.


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