Earn Free Bitcoins by using phone? 2017

earn free bitcoin

Bitcoins are trending topic now. Everyone is suggesting to invest in bitcoins due to continuously increasing their value. Now, in case if you don’t know what is a Bitcoin then read the intro below.

What is a Bitcoin?

You must have played games where you can collect points. Similarly, bitcoins are points but these points are equivalent to real money. Bitcoin is not any physically available thing. But you can convert bitcoins into your local currency. There are a limited number of bitcoins available on the internet and there are many methods to earn them. The lowest fraction of a Bitcoin is called Satoshi. 

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿

You can earn Bitcoins in form of Satoshis also.

How to earn free Bitcoins?

I have told you that there are dozens of methods to earn them. In this tutorial, I will tell you best free method. Before that, you should have a Bitcoin wallet where you can accept bitcoins. I am using zebpay for that. You can accept bitcoins by using zebpay.  To download zebpay for android or ios click here.

To earn free Satoshi on the first installation enter my promo code  REF67616247 . This promo code will help for both of us. You have to verify your bank details before selling or purchasing bitcoins. Now you have bitcoin wallet. Here you can buy bitcoins also.

The next step is downloading another app. To earn free bitcoins download grabpoints app. In this app, you have to complete some tasks or invite friends. You might be thinking that these type of apps are fake. But I’m using this app personally and this app is 100% real. To help me a little bit enter my promo code UWGQVA. After completing some tasks you will earn points and you can convert these points into a variety of things. Like into Amazon gift card, PayPal, Bitcoins and much more things. We are using for earning bitcoins. So for redeeming offer, we will choose option Bitcoin.  It will not send Bitcoin directly into the zebpay account. We have to install another app to accept them which is called coinbase. Grabpoionts will send Bitcoin into coinbase and from coinbase we can send into zebpay. So basically we have to install three apps. First is zebpay for accepting bitcoins. Second is coinbase and last is grabpoints.I know it becomes complicated. Just see the picture below.


Why Invest in Bitcoins?

The very common question is why should you invest in bitcoins? What is the reason? So many people are already investing in Bitcoins. Here I want to tell you a story of an 18-year-old boy who is now millionaire just because he invests in bitcoins very wisely. The name of that boy is Erik Finman. In initial days he invested only 1000 dollars. But now he has 403 bitcoins. The current value of 403 Bitcoins is almost 1.2 million dollars. Now imagine the power of Bitcoins. According to Erik ” buying Bitcoins would be a very smart financial decision”.

earn bitcoin

The one more reason to invest in Bitcoin is its increasing value day by day. In June 2016 the price of single Bitcoin was 703 dollars but in June 2017 its value is 3000 dollars. Yes, it is more than thrice. See the chart below for 2017 Bitcoin value. So this is the solid reason to invest in Bitcoins.

Earn 1 free bitcoin

Is it Risky?

Yeah, it is risky for those people who play with Bitcoins like gambling. They invest their whole assets and they are at higher risk. Because after all, it is a digital currency. No one can give you guarantee that its value will never decrease. So invest wisely. For example, If you have total 2000 dollars then you can invest half of them or maximum 1500 dollars. Once you earn a profit then invest 1500+your profit. So think smartly and don’t take it as gambling.


So this is how you can earn free bitcoins. Make sure that you are using same email address for all these three apps. If zebpay is not supporting into your country then you can use another Bitcoin wallet also. Just search on google for your own country. Please invest very wisely because this currency has no control of any Government.

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