How to earn money online by selling courses step by step guide

Learn to earn money online

You may have heard about people who are earning money from the internet. There are many ways to earn online. If you simply search on internet ways to make money online. You will find hundreds of ways to earn online. But most of them are fake methods. There are very few right and legal ways to make money online. One of the best methods to make money online is by creating courses or video lectures and sell them online. In this article, I will tell you the steps to make money online by selling your courses.

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Steps to earn money from courses

  • Choose a topic

This is an obvious thing that before creating a course you should have a topic. I will highly recommend you to choose that topic about which you have a decent knowledge. For instance, you may have knowledge about cooking, meditation, personality development, communicating skills etc. If you don’t have any skill then firstly acquire any skill. For example, you can learn to program. If you are absolute beginner about programming then it will take several months to grab this skill.

  • Choose a platform

Then you have to choose a platform where you will be selling your course. There are many websites which permit you to publish your course. They will take their appropriate commission. Generally, video hosting is expensive and therefore commission can be more than your expectations. I will recommend you to go on Udemy is very popular online learning platform. There are millions of active students on udemy. Top udemy instructors are earning up-to $300,000 pa. Now you can imagine how much potential it has to earn money online. Before publishing your course udemy’s experts will check your course and they will give you suggestions. They can disapprove your course also.

  • Create course 

If you have chosen the platform then next step is to create video lectures. If your course is related to IT industry then probably you need only screen recorder and mic. There are plenty of free screen recorders are available.But if your course is about any physical thing like cooking, Yoga then you will need a camera. In initial days you can use your smartphone’s camera. You can purchase camera after earning your first income. Because people love the quality course. You have to differentiate your course from others. Here is a quick tip for you, don’t create a full course without approving your testing video. For example, if you have chosen udemy then create 1-2 videos first. Then submit this lecture for testing. They will give you feedback to improve your course quality. There can be a problem with your audio video quality. They will not approve low-quality video lectures. So it’s always advisable to submit your test video first.

  • Publish and promote

Now publish your course and create some free coupons to share with your friends. Ask your friends to give you their feedback. Share some discount coupons wherever possible. You can run paid Facebook ads or start your youtube channel to create your own audience.


So this is how you can earn money online by selling your courses. If you love teaching people then this method of earning online will work for you. Remember that your first course will not be the perfect one. So never feel demotivated if you don’t get sales on your first course. Just carry on creating video lectures and your every next course will be better than previous one. For any query leave a comment below.



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