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Top 5 proved ways to make money online

A few years back, people even could not imagine that one day people will make money online. But we are lucky because we are born in techno era. You can earn online so much that even you can not imagine. But for this, you need passion, dedication,hard-work. It can take some time. So you need patience also. I will discuss 5 best ways to make money online. These ways are 100% legal. Some people recommend earning by clicking ads or watching videos.But believe me, this is a scam. If you don’t believe me then you can try those methods. But I’ll recommend you to choose any one method from below and I guarantee you that you will be earning beyond your expectations. So let’s get started.

1. From Youtube

Youtube earning

The first method to make money online is by youtube. For this, you need a good content. You have to link Adsense account to youtube. Making youtube channel is so simple. You can login into youtube by google account. Adsense will pay you for ads which would be showing before your videos. The amount of earning per 1000 views will depend upon different factors like your location, content. If your traffic is more from USA then you will get highest rate. Recently youtube had changed some policies. For complete guide of earning from youtube click on link.

2. From blogging



The second and my favourite method is by blogging. The concept of earning  by blogging is similar to youtube earning. The difference is that ads would be showing on your blogs. But in blogging you have another options also like affiliate , selling products etc. So if you like writing then choose this method. Click on the link to learn more about earning from blogs for beginners.

3. Affiliate marketing



Now what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is not a new thing. In past days people get commission on referring any product to customer. In these days also you can get commission on referring a product to people. You can use amazon for affiliating. Many more companies offer affiliate marketing but if you want to find a specific product for affiliate then search for “product name+affiliate”

Companies will track the records by a link. They can track how many people are buying a particular product from your link. You can share your link on social media or anywhere. The cost varies from $1 to $10,000. The disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you need audience to whom you can refer links. For example it can be any facebook page or instagram page. In there you can share link and if only 1k out of 100,000 followers purchase a product from your link then the profit can be too good. click here for complete guide on affiliate marketing.

4. From your skills


This method is also not the new one.If you have any skill like video editing , web development, logo designing android development , python , penetrator, then you don’t need to waste your skill. You can make money online from your skills also. This is called freelancing. The people who earn from freelancing are called freelancers. There are many website for it. The most popular are  and The benefit of earning by freelancing is that you get paid by hours and by project based also. If you don’t like job and want to work on projects by sitting  at home then freelencing is best option.

5. Create a product

If you have some creativity and if you have any product then you can sell it online. Lot of people are writing books( Specially bloggers ) to guide people and they are making money by selling books. You can create online courses also. If you have knowledge of coding,singing,cooking,dancing,marketing etc then you can create online courses. Udemy is best option for beginners to sell your course.

Ultimate guide to earn money by selling courses.


At last I want to give you suggestion that if you are working online to make money online then always create your own content. In blogging, youtube or in any other ways also. If you are thinking to use someone’s content then you have to leave this thought. Because google knows everything! Google know from where and to where the data is going on internet. It has penguin algorithm to identify duplicate content. So if you make your decision to make money from internet than it will be great to create your own content.


So best of luck for your future. For any query leave comment below

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