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If you are a new blogger then you may don’t know what is  SSL certificate and why we need it. So read this article till the end. I will tell you, each and every thing and how we can get free SSL certificate.

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What is SSL certificate?

As you know, when you open any website, the data from server transfers into your computer. This data can be hacked because this data is not encrypted. A few years ago, bloggers or website owners were facing problems with website security from hackers. The data from the server can be transfer either by HTTP or by HTTPS. Now, HTTP is hyper text transfer protocol which is not secure. If a hacker attacks your website, he/she can steal your whole data. But HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. In HTTPS data is transferred in encrypted form. This is the reason why some websites have a green sign before domain name in web browsers. For security reasons, we need SSL certificate. These certificates are granted by certificate authorities (CA). You can purchase SSL certificate from CA directly or through third parties also. You might be thinking why to go with third parties if we can buy it directly. But then you have to do everything manually. But we are concerns with free certificates, right?

Why Free SSL certificate?

You might be scratching your head by thinking that if we can have HTTPS in free then why to pay for it? See, If you are a new blogger then free SSL cert is enough. But if your website deals with payments then you should purchase it. The web security shall be the same. But the difference is free SSL cert is signed by recognized certificate authorities. They can be from any other independent or individual company. So if you want to install free SSL certificate then you can try this method.

Benefits of SSL cert?

The first benefit is obviously the web security. The data of your website will be transferred in encrypted form. The other reason is Google ranking factor. Before ranking your website in Google results, It checks for 200 factors. The SSL is one of them. If you search anything on Google, most of the websites will have SSL certificates. So for SEO reasons free SSL certificate is good.

Steps To Install Free SSL?

  • Visit
  • Create a new account and log in.
  • Click on the +Add site button.

free ssl certificate


  • Now enter the name of your website and click on begin the scan.

free ssl cert

  • Now it will start scanning. After that click on continue setup. See the picture below, there are some clouds on the right-hand side. Some of them are in orange color and other are in gray color. Click on all the gray clouds and they will become orange. After that click on continue.

get free ssl

  • Now there will be two plans. One is paid and other is free. You just click on free one and they will give you four services in the free plan. One is SSL, basic protection, always online, fast website performance. So this is enough for bloggers.

ssl certificate

  • Now, it will give you two server names. You have to copy these server names.


  • Now Login to your hosting provider account. For example, I using GoDaddy but the procedure will be the same for all the other hosting providers. After login, click on the manage DNS settings for your registered domain.

cloudflare ssl

  • After clicking on manage DNS settings, there will be your current name servers. Click on change and copy&paste the CloudFlare’s name servers.


  • After changing the Nameservers, go to the CloudFlare window and click on continue. Now click on crypto in the menu bar and change the SSL settings from full to flexible.

free blogging tips

  • Now, scroll down to the end and enable the automatic HTTPS rewrites.

blogging tips

  • You are almost done. If you click on overview and you can check the Nameservers. It will give you a successfull notification. After 24 hours HTTPS will be enabled for your site.


So I hope you understand how we can enable free SSL certificate. If you have any query, let me know in comment section.

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