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How Hackers Hack Your Facebook Account Password 2017?

Most of the teenagers want to learn hacking so that they can hack Facebook password. But is it really simple and if you are an ethical hacker then does it mean you should know how to hack facebook password? Well, this is childish thinking. Facebook spends millions of dollars to protect their systems. I know you have seen some persons who have hacked some FB accounts and I agree with you. I have also seen some people doing so. But it was possible 4-5 years ago. At that time Facebook was not much secure. I’m not saying that now Facebook password cracking is impossible. But it is quite a pain in the butt. Why I’m saying this, you will understand it in few minutes.


Q. How your friends were hacking Facebook passwords?

Ans.  A few years back there was a big loop hole in Facebook. A child could hack facebook password because it was a little trick. If you click on forget the password, Facebook would ask you to enter three names of your friends. Your these three friends would receive 3 different secret codes, Just like OTP. You had to enter these 3 secret keys to recover FB password. Now here is a big loop hole. For example, if you wanted to hack facebook password of your friend then you could make three fake accounts and send friend request to your friend from these 3 fake accounts. So this is how you could hack Facebook password.

Latest methods to hack facebook password

  • Phishing Attack

This method is very powerful and it is a part of social engineering attack. An attacker can send you a Facebook login page. This page will look exactly like original one. But this page is actually a fake page. As soon as you enter your username and password, the attacker will receive your all login information at the same time. Attackers can send login page link by email. This email can be so well designed that a normal person can never imagine that this is a fake email. Most of the login attacks are done by the phishing attack. So there is a lesson also. Read emails carefully before clicking on links.

click here for phishing attack tutorial.

  • Brute force

If you have studied mathematics then there is a topic called permutation and combination( p&c ). By using p & c, we can determine the possible combination of any n numbers. Similarly, we can make a long list of passwords from alphabets. Then we can use hit and trial method. If the password contains only alphabets or only numbers then we can crack the passwords within few hours. But if the password contains a combination of alphabets, numbers, special characters then it can take few years to crack the password. So theoretically every password can be cracked but practically it is impossible. Our home computers can’t run for years, right? So it is always advisable to create a password with a combination of alphabets, numbers, special characters. Although Facebook’s servers are so smart that they can analyse if somebody is trying hit and trial.

  • KeyLogger

Keylogger is a piece of software which is designed to record every keystroke made by a computer user. This can be used to access your passwords remotely. An attacker can install keylogger into your PC and they will receive all the information very easily. The one way to protect your self from keyloggers is by using on screen keyboard. But there are some powerful keyloggers also which can capture keys pressed on on screen also. So always check softwares installed into your PC.

  • USB password stealer

Another way to hack your friend’s facebook account is by using USB password stealer. This is basically a code written inside a text document and this file is placed inside USB. When you save your passwords in Chrome, Mozilla, explorer or in any other browser, they can be extracted by some softwares. For example, chromePass is a tool which can extract passwords from Chrome. Similarly, for all browsers, we have different tools. When you will insert USB password stealer in victim’s computer, all the passwords will be saved in a text document.



So this is all about hack Facebook password. Please do not use this information for illegal purpose. This tutorial is for education purpose. The goal of this tutorial is to teach you ethical hacking. This tutorial also teaches, how you can protect your Facebook account.

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