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There is no doubt that earning money from the internet has become a trend now. In the world of Internet, if you have knowledge about the internet and if you know the power of internet then you can earn money from your laptop more than your expectations. Previously I discussed five best methods to earn money from the internet. In this tutorial. I will tell you one more method to make money from your laptop. But in this method, you need a little investment. I’m not talking about thousands of dollars. You just have to invest a few hundred dollars. A very few people know this method. So you can take advantage of this opportunity.

You may have heard about If you don’t know then don’t worry. I’ll tell you each and everything about it.

What is is world’s largest e-commerce website founded by Jack Ma in China. All most every country import products from China. Because China is a great market to buy cheap products. Basically, If you want to but any product from China by sitting at home then you can import that product by

Earn From Alibaba?

Now, Let us come to the business plan. Our plan is simple. Buy products from China in cheap rates and sell them on Amazon. Search some products on and also search same products on Amazon. You will see a great difference in both the prices. So your profit margin will be great. Here is the proof for it. I searched for Bluetooth headphones on both the sites. See the result below.


The design can differ but the quality of both the headphones will be same. Here the main thing is the difference in price. Alibaba gives the same product in $7 but Amazon gives in $33. So there will be almost $25 profit margin.

Now let us search for another product. Now I searched for bowls. Here is the picture below.

make money alibaba

Amazon gives the same bowl of the same brand in $4 per piece. But Alibaba gives the same bowl in less than a dollar. So here again your margin profit is great.

Minimum order in Alibaba?

Here is a little issue. if you see carefully in Alibaba products, there is a minimum order limit. But you can also order for few pieces as a sample. If any manufacturer is not giving sample then you can try for another manufacturer.

What is Amazon FBA?

Before starting this business firstly, you have to know what is amazon fba? FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. You can consider it as an independent store where you can import your products from Alibaba. FBA will wrap your product and from there you can sell on any e-commerce website like eBay, Flipkart etc. It is not necessary that you can sell only on Amazon. You can sell on other e-commerce websites as well. FBA is just a store which will take some fee for keeping your product in their store.


Now, How we can implement this in the real world? First of all, choose any product from Amazon. See every product carefully. The demand for that product should be good. Then go there on See the price of the same product on Alibaba. Here is a very interesting feature in Alibaba. You can directly chat with the manufacturer. If .If the other party (Manufacturer) is offline then you can leave a message to them. You can ask for minimum pieces that can be ordered. If any party is not ready to send you few samples then go for other parties. For all this process you need to fill many legal forms. After having a successful deal, order them to your office. Now contact with FBA and perform all legal formalities. The best part of using giant e-commerce websites is, they will come to your office to carry the product. They will take your product to FBA warehouse. Now, if any customer purchases your product you will get money in your account. Amazon will take a little part as commission. You can also sell on other e-commerce websites also.

Here is a little problem in selling products on any website. The problem is, there will be a lot of other sellers also who are selling the same product. Now, if the customer searches for your product, your product can be at the last page of the search result, right?  You have to get a better rank for your product. For that, you can use some techniques. Ask, your friends to give you better reviews. By this, your rank will be better.


So this is how you can start an online business with Alibaba. Here is a very important point that in Alibaba there are many fake manufacturers. So be aware before buying any product. You can check their ratings as well.

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