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Killer Tips To Earn More Money With Youtube Adsense? 2017

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Are you worried about your youtube earnings in 2k17? Youtube has changed some rules again.  Let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought about the best time to upload videos on youtube? It can be in the morning, evening or you just upload videos at any random time? Read this tutorial and I will tell you how you can increase your youtube Adsense earnings by almost double. 

First of all your content should be advertiser friendly. This is an official statement by youtube. You can see in screenshot or visit here.  You must have seen some videos which have fake thumbnails. They may get more views but their revenue will be too low as compared to last year. So your content should be original and use appropriate thumbnails.

increase youtube earnings 

Best time to upload videos?

Now, At what time we should upload videos? The answer is, in morning(12 am to 6 am ). There is very good reason for it.  There are a lot of small & big advertisers. When any advertiser starts an ad campaign by google adwords, they are asked whether they want day limit or not? Obviously, small companies have low budget and therefore they choose day limit. Suppose you uploaded video at evening. Now their day limit will be finished in evening and chances of ads on your videos are less. That is why if you upload between 12 am to 6 am, chances of ads will increase.  Your active subscribers will watch your videos in the morning and you will get more clicks. I know you will say no one will watch video from 12 am to 6 am. But if your active subscribers watch video upto 10 am, even then you will have more chances for ads.

Affiliate Links?

One more tip for earning more money is by using affiliate marketing. Read more about affiliate marketing here.  Now you may say that you are not running any product review youtube channel. But you can provide the link of products which you are using. For example, camera, mobile, tripod, mic etc. Give these links in the description of your videos. You will see your earnings will increase by  2 times. 

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