How To Learn Android App Development From Scratch: Step By Step Guide

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I know you want to learn android development but don’t know where to start and how to become an Android app developer, right? In this article, I will share my experience and suggestions to start learning android development from very basics.

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Why Android?

You must be thinking for the reasons to learn android development. The very first reason is increasing its demand. Do you know the total number of Android devices on this planet? It is 2 billion. Isn’t a big number? If you compare it with ios then it is almost double. You can learn development for both the platforms but start with Android. The other reason to learn android development is ease of development. The products like Google map, Gmail etc are from Google. So it’s easy to integrate them into your app. I’m not saying that ios development is tough but integrating Google products with Android apps is easy. Before publishing your app to play store, you have to pay some money to Google i.e. $25. This is too less as compared to ios. One more reason to start with Android is the required system for development. For ios development, you need mac products which are much expensive as compared windows system. Also the Job demand for Android developers is rising. You can get Job in your local areas or you can do freelancing. Most of the companies want their product or app to be launched on Android devices.

Which programming language?

Before learning any development, we have to decide best programming language for that. At this time for Android development, you have mainly two choices. First is Kotlin and other is Java.  Actually, I should place Java at first place but Google has announced Kotlin as the official language for Android development. We don’t have many resources to learn Kotlin because it is a fresh language. Whereas Java is so popular and thousands of tutorials are available for it. If you face any problem in Java, you can just search on google. I’ll recommend Java to become an Android developer. Once you learn Java, you can learn any language. 

How much java?

This is the most important question. When a beginner starts learning Java, he just keeps on learning it. But you just need to learn only basics. Please don’t get stuck in java. Just clear all the basic concepts like loops, if-else, inheritance, array etc. 

After java?

Now if you have learned the basics of java then next step is to learn android studio. There are dozens of Android development tutorials on the internet. Search on youtube in case you don’t have a budget. Otherwise, purchase a course from udemy.  If you want to learn by reading then you can read on my this blog also. I’m making android studio tutorials in a series. Here is again a most important tip for you. Learn Android development and make projects as much as possible. If you just keep on reading and watching videos then you can never become an Android developer. You will face many difficulties while building projects but the best thing is you will find the solution for almost every problem on google. Rather than making complex projects, make simple one first. I know you may have a dream app that you may want to make. But at the beginning, you should always start with simple projects. Ask your friends what type of android apps they want.


The biggest benefit of becoming an android developer is, you can earn with your apps. Click rates of apps are much more than youtube or blogging. To read more about earning with Android apps refer the links below.



So this is all about becoming an Android developer from scratch. At the beginning, you will face a lot of problems but don’t loose hope and keep on making projects. I repeat again, you will learn android development by building real projects.

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