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How To Learn Programming Languages Online 2017.


So you have decided to learn programming language. This is great if you want to learn to code. Before start learning programming you have to decide which programming language do you want to learn, right? There are dozens of programming languages are available at this time. So obviously no one can learn each and every programming language. First, you have to thing for which purpose you want to learn code? Let us discuss the essential steps of mastering any programming language.


Step 1- Purpose of learning programming?

The first step is to know the purpose of learning programming. For example, if you want to make any android app then you should go with java or kotlin. For web development, you should learn PHP MySQL etc. It’s better if you know your dream project before to learn programming. By doing so you can decide which programming language do you want to learn.

Step 2- Resources to learn coding?

Now if you have decided the language then next step is finding a good resource to learn programming. This step is very important to learn programming. You will find a lot of institutes in your city who teach programming languages. But believe me, they are just making money. This is wastage of time. The best method to learn programming is online. There are a number of advantages to learn online. In online you can reject the teacher if you don’t like his teaching method, right? But in institutes, once you pay the money, you don’t have any other option. Most institutes teach coding on white boards. This is a completely wrong method of learn coding. For a basic course, you have to pay much more money as compared to online learning. You can find that basic courses absolutely free on the internet. Some best quality course can be paid. But in online, paid courses are also much less costly.

You can refer all these resources for learn coding.





Step 3- practising

The most important step is practice. Programming is about practising. Everyone can learn programming but it needs too much practice. It is only possible if you are passionate about programming. You have to sit in front of a computer for a couple of hours daily. If you are learning coding online or by watching videos then the best method of practising is first watch 4-5 videos. Understand them completely. Then practise same code without watching videos on your own machine and also try to make your own examples. At first, you will get frustrated but once you cover the basics of any programming language, you will start enjoying it. So don’t loose hope here.

Step 4- make any project

Now you have learnt programming then you should make different projects. If you don’t make any product, you will not feel confident in programming. For example, if learn java or kotlin then you can make any simple to advance android app. It may be a note taking an app or a weather app.

Step 5- Github

You can share your projects on GitHub. There are a number of benefits to put your code on GitHub. Number one is, your code can be helpful for other people and number two is, you will have some reputation. If you sit in any IT company interview you can show them your GitHub profile. It will make a nice impression. So always put your all projects on Github.


 recommended courses

Note: These are not sponsored recommendations!

1.For android development-

a. free course by  prabeesh rk.

b. paid course by Udacity google.

c.paid course by udemy.com.

2. For java

a. free in Hindi by saurabh sir

b. free in English by programming_knowledge

3. For Python

a. free by thenewboston


4. For android game development

a. free by Brent aurely code school

At last to sum up , I can say that coding is too interesting. The demand for programmers is increasing daily. So it will be beneficial for your future. But remember that don’t stuck in only single programming language. Focus on the dream project which you want to make by that programming.


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