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How To Make Free Custom Email Address? Step By Step

Custom email address is very important for your business or website. Because by using a custom email address you look more professional. There are many paid methods but very few people know that you can have business email id at no cost.

As you know before building a website you must have to buy hosting service. After purchasing hosting you can access c-panel of your domain name. You can use any hosting service. I am using But steps will be same for every hosting provider. Just follow below step to create a free custom email address.

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Step 1

Login to your c-panel. Example

Step 2

Scroll down to the Email section and click on Email wizard.

email wizard

Step 3

Now it will ask you to choose email name. For example Then enter the password and click on unlimited quota.


Step 4

Now click on I will do it later.

free email address

Step 5

Now click on more and then click on access webmail.

acess webmail

Step 6

Now there will be three options. Just click on the first one which is Horde.


Step 7

Now you have a new Email inbox. You can send and receive your new emails in this screen.

new inblox



So this is how you can create a free custom email address. Beleive me having a professional email will enhance your business growth. You can also link this email with your existing Gmail account. By doing so your workload will reduce. You can receive your emails in the same account and you don’t need to check two inboxes daily. For further information watch video below.

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