How To Make Money By Developing Android Apps?

This is digital epoch and no doubt we can earn a lot of money from internet. We have some genuine ways to earn from the internet. One of the best ways is by developing Android apps. Now the question arises that how to earn money by building apps? Let us find out the different ways.

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There are millions of apps available in play store. Most of them use advertisement programs to generate income. But popular apps also use purchase in method.  In this tutorial, we will talk about how to earn handsome amount of money by using ads in Android apps.

Different types of ads

1. Banner ads

You must have seen some banner ads in most of the apps. These type of ads are very common and CPC of these ads is not much as others. But you can use banner ads in every app. In below picture, you can see the example of banner ads.

banner ads android


2. Interstitial ads

These are another type of ads. The ads which are displayed on the whole screen are called interstitial ads. The rate click of these ads is very impressive. One more benefit of these ads is that in these ads, you will get more clicks. So more clicks are equivalent to more revenue.

3. Video ads 

You must have seen these type of ads where a video ad is displayed. These ads are not much popular because it takes time to download video background.

4. Native ads

This is the last type of ad. This is similar to banner but the size of these ads is bigger than banner ads.  You can display a native ad wherever you want. For example within the content or below any button etc.



These are just one method of earning with apps. You can also use app in purchase method. You can make your app paid.

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