Ethical Hacking

What is proxy and how to become anonymous?

For a hacker, proxy is the most important thing because if they don’t use it, they can be caught by the cyber crime branch. But not for only hackers, Infact proxy is important for an ethical hacker also. because some times we need to test different techniques on live systems. If you are a beginner and don’t know what is proxy then read this article.

What is a proxy?

In simple words, proxy means pretending to be someone else. In school/colleges, you must have used it at-least once for friends attendance. This is also the same thing. But this time we are talking about online proxy.

What is Anonymous?

The simple meaning of anonymous is a person without identity or without a name. In the hacking meaning of anonymous is being a person on the internet without any identity. Advance Hackers can not be caught because they become anonymous. In technical language anonymous means hiding your IP address. Now, what is IP address? There are millions of devices connected to the internet and to identify each device, we use IP. Now if we hide our IP address or in other words if we use proxy we can become anonymous, right? Proxy is not the only thing which will make you completely anonymous. We use a proxy for low level of anonymization. To become more anonymous we have other methods like VPN, TOR browser.


Why do we use it?

There can be many reasons for using proxy. Some people use it to spread their message against Govt. If they don’t use proxy Govt. can catch them. The other reason is if want to surf the internet anonymously then also we can use it.

How does it work?

As you know all internet connected devices have IP addresses. If they are vulnerable then their IP address can be used by the hacker. There are tonnes of sites that give the list of proxies. An attacker can use any of them and can become anonymous.

What is the proxy chain?

If we surf the internet by passing through more than one IP then it is called proxy chain. It is done to become more anonymous. Here is a very good example. Look at the image very carefully.

use proxy chain

Here is PC which is connected to the internet through 3 different servers. Now the important thing is these three servers are of different countries. If we try to trace the IP address of attacker then we will find that attacker is from Denmark and If we contact to Denmark then they will see that the attacker is from Newzealand. Similarly for Newzealand attacker is from Russia. If ultimately any how we reached to Russia to catch the attacker, We can not do it. Because attacker is connected to public wifi and there will be hundreds of people who surf the internet by Public WiFi. This is called perfect hacking.  Every advance black hat hacker has knowledge of cyber crime rules of different nations. For example in India, a hacker can be sent to prison for 3 years and can be fined for 300,000 INR.


That’s all about anonymization. You can try it for practice but don’t break the law of any nation. Otherwise, you can get into big trouble.




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