How to make your own blog for beginners 2017

You must have heard about making money from websites.But if you don’t know how websites make money then read this article till the end. I will tell you each and everything. A decade back, blogging was like a hobby. But in nowadays it can be a full-time job.You will find thousands of full-time bloggers who have made millions of dollars from the internet.

Major earning from the internet is by advertisement. Suppose you have any blog or website. If you gave some space on your blog for ads then the advertiser will pay you some money for that. The amount of earning will depend upon traffic on your blog.  But not only advertisements, you have much more ways to earn from blogs. For example

  1. Selling your own products (e-Books)
  2. affiliate marketing
  3. Promoting business

Below are simple steps of start earning online.


Find your favorite topic. It can be about cooking, technology, tutorials. In blogging industry, it’s called niche. But make sure that you have decent knowledge about that niche. If you are not able to decide the niche then take some days and think about it for a couple of days. Because if you select the wrong niche then you will not be able to write posts about it. Find your interest and then select the niche.


Find a perfect name for your blog. For example, my blog name is techyunk. It contains word tech from which everyone can understand that the blog is about technology. But it’s not compulsory to choose an exact matching name. You can also use any branding name. From branding, I mean it can be any hypothetical name. Like It is an India’s most popular blog. From shoutmeloud name, no one can imagine that this is a tech related blog. These are called branding names. You can use online random keyword generator also.


The next step is to purchase a web domain and hosting. At this moment there are plenty of registrars. Like ,, The cost would be same in all the companies. You can choose any from these three registrars. The customer service of Bluehost is excellent. I will recommend you to choose They will give you a username and password to login into your site’s c-panel.


The next step is choosing a cms( Content Management System). I recommend you to choose WordPress. My own website is made in WordPress. There are other cms also like Joomla, SilverStripe, Drupal etc. But I will prefer WordPress. The reason for this is that lot of people are already using WordPress and if anyhow you face any problem while building a blog, you can immediately search on google and you will find immediately answer. Installation of WordPress is too easy.


Now you have everything. You have web domain, website etc. Now it’s time to write useful content for your blog. You should write posts of at least 500 words. These posts should be very simple but effective.


Do some basic SEO of your blog. SEO is not only one day process. In fact, you should have some basic knowledge of SEO before start writing a post for your blog. Here I would like to give you a quick SEO tip that never writes duplicate content. Google has special algorithms to catch these type of blogs. These algorithms will scan your whole page and if your page match with any other page then you will not get rank in google search result.


That’s it about making your own website. There is no rocket science behind it. But there is a lot of hard work behind it. If you have decided to start your blog then make sure that you are ready for awaking several nights. Because in the online industry you have to work for the whole day. I’m not scaring you but this is the truth. If you are passionate about blogging then it will be very easy and there is too much fun in the online industry.

Best of luck

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